Tuesday, January 9, 2007

January 8: Pages

My desk was covered in pages of black on white, words and lines covering bright white paper that glowed in the blue light of the fluorescent lamps. Letters stood alone, forming words that went unnoticed. Words blurred into the lines. Block letters preceded blank lines, lines that would be filled by eager applicants anxiously choosing words to show their fitness for study. Was every "i" dotted and "t" crossed? Were all the lines the same thickness? Did the words make sense? Were they spelled correctly? Were the grammar and usage correct? Were the instructions clear? I've looked at the documents for weeks now. I can't see them anymore. Black on white, blurry and glowing in the light of the fluorescent lamps.


jo(e) said...

I like this one.

(I had something more profound to say earlier but blogger would not let me comment. Blogger has been mean to me today.)

Linda (FM) said...

Blogger, SiteMeter, and Typepad have all had problems today. Maybe I broke the internet.

PPB said...

make that blogger, sitemeter, bloglines and typepad. you did break the internet, didn't you?I like this discipline. Maybe I'll try too.7S